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Recent press coverage

2nd February – the FT on Crystal Palace ‘rebuild’

A quote in the FT article saying “Bromley and the GLA need to stop messing around with fantasy projects and send the Zhongrong Group packing.”

Also quoted in the Bromley/Lewisham News Shopper, Inside Croydon and East London Lines.

31st January – The Guardian and SE1 on the March for Homes

A quote in the Guardian’s online coverage of the march.

Also an article on the SE1 web site with a recording of my speech and coverage of the south London rally. We also have a video of my speech:

30th January – London Live on the March for Homes


Watch the full interview here.

12th January – Lewisham News Shopper on railways

Quoted in an article about our protests on the 5th January, read the article online:

5th January 2015 – publicly owned railways and fare cuts

20th December 2014 – interview with the Artist Taxi Driver about why I’m running to be an MP

17th December 2014 – letter to the Lewisham News Shopper (also in the Bromley News Shopper) on railways



17th & 13th December – coverage of Sedgehill School campaign

Quoted in the East London Lines coverage of the protests outside Lewisham Town Hall here, and again when Lewisham Council decided to impose an Interim Educational Board on the school here.

5th December – letter to the Evening Standard about stamp duty and house prices



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